Moe Arai
Person information
Name in Japanese 荒井萌
Romaji translation Arai Moe
Gender Female
Born March 3, 1995
Occupations Actress
Portrays Chika Aoyama

Moe Arai (荒井萌 Arai Moe) is a Japanese actress who portrayed Chika Aoyama in the Cat Street drama.


Television showsEdit

  • Shin Kids War (2005)
  • Akuma to Tenshi (2006)
  • Mada Sonna ni Fukete wa Inai (2007)
  • Ai no Uta! (2007)
  • Cat Street (2008)
  • SCANDAL (2008)
  • Tumbling (2010, episode 2 and 3)
  • Hanazakari no Kimitachi e 2011 (2011, episode 4)
  • Shin Anata no Shiranai Sekai (2011)
  • Cleopatra na Onnatachi (2012, episode 1)
  • Piece (2012)

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